Anthony John Abbott – Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing

Tony Abbott is not a Liberal.
Malcolm Fraser knows it, Malcolm Turnbull knows it, in his heart of hearts, Joe Hockey knows it.
Indeed, any member of today’s Liberal Party who is a student of the once great party, founded by Sir Robert Menzies, knows it.

It’s the greater Australian public who think Abbott is the alpha Liberal.
Why not, many of the main stream media, unwilling to look back, or too caught up in the next big story they hope to break reinforce this falsehood almost hourly.

Ming The Merciless would have grabbed this pretender by the scruff of the neck, marched him to the door and expelled him from the party.

Menzies was not a conservative in Abbott’s reactionary, backward, self serving way. He wanted the best for a nation, not simply the job.

So what is Anthony John Abbott, if not a Liberal?

His roots are far more twisted in the bedrock of religious bigotry.

His politics are those of the Democratic Labor Party – the DLP.

This isn’t conjecture.
Any google search of Abbott’s early days reveal this.
Indeed, the man himself admits it, or did, before political expedience, and advisors, warned him of the folly of speaking the truth about his past beliefs.

Tony Abbott once described himself as the love child of John Howard and Bronwyn Bishop.

He forgot to mention his godfather – BA Santamaria.

Santamaria, religious zealot, reactionary, the master of anti-communist propaganda, a very dangerous man.

Tony is BA’s man.

In 1998 he made a statement in Parliament about Bob Santamaria, who had recently died. Abbott called him “a philosophical star by which you could always steer” and “the greatest living Australian”

He is BA’s man – with a twist, and, a very dangerous man.

Tony Abbott is not a Liberal, he is not a neocon, he is an ultra-conservative, fundamentalist Catholic, an alpha DLP male.

He has no female mentors.

Abbott’s political conviction is like quicksilver.
He owes no allegiance the the Liberal Party, it is simply a vehicle for his ambition and mission.

“How Tony Abbott Laboured Over Choice Of Party”
by Ross Fitzgerald and Stephen Holt – The Australian
quotes letters, from Abbott, to BA Santamaria, declaring his admiration of Santamaria and the DLP agenda.

One thing is certain however, while Abbott’s political affiliation has not been lifelong, his religious conviction has.
And this conviction reflects DLP values.

Many of you will be too young to remember, or even know of, Bob Santamaria, founder of the DLP.

The Democratic Labor Party, misnomer writ large, formed with one purpose, to counteract the perceived influence of communism in the Australian Labor Party.
Communism was competition for the flock, considered a threat, and, as such, had to be nullified.
The Catholic Church is, after all is said and done, a corporation, competition isn’t welcome.

The DLP is Catholic to its bootstraps.
It was to be the political vehicle by which the Catholic Church in Australia would circumvent the separation of Church and State.

The DLP intention was simple, split the ALP vote, destroy its communist roots, have it wither on the vine, replace it with a party representing the Catholic political agenda.

This was not a party formed with the credo of keeping the bastards honest.

Its delivery method:
The Catholic Weekly (print journal),
The pulpit,
Point Of View – BA Santamaria’s quiet, poisonous message delivered through television,
Regular newspaper columns.

The message was simple, and always the same.
A vote for Labor was a vote for communism.
I can attest to this, I sat through rantings from rabid priests at Mass every Sunday.
I listened to my father, a non-Catholic, read from The Catholic Weekly and praise this man.

In the end the DLP’s demise came at the hands of church parishioners sick of being told how to vote.
Its divisive nature and sermonising turned those it sought to convert against it.

Many thought the DLP dead, buried and cremated.
The DLP is happy to promote this thought.
Nothing is further from the truth.
It lives quietly in dark recesses, in places guarded by secrecy.
It thrives on disharmony and division.
It feeds on suspicion and fear.
It asks for, and gives no quarter.
It builds by destroying.
It lurks, waiting for the right moment.
Division of Church and State is anathema.
The end justifies the means.
Power is all.
It is patient.

The dogma of the DLP fits Tony Abbott like a glove.
It employs the KISS principle:
Simple distortion of the truth repeated and repeated.
Brain washing of the simplest kind.
Abbott is a simple man.
Abbott learnt the dogma well.
The end justifies the means.
Power is all.

Tony Abbott was educated at St Aloysius’ College and then St Ignatius’ Riverview, by Jesuits, good men, the Catholic church’s storm troopers, exorcists, hard men, first in – last out types, and, paradoxically, amongst the most forward thinking in the Catholic Church, (issuing condoms one of their many uncatholic practices).

Jesuits, while dedicated and compassionate men, are, above all else, disciplined. They both accept and expect it.
Tony Abbott doesn’t take discipline well. He also lacks compassion. His dedication to his cause however, is well honed.
His cause is power and success.
One cannot help but feel that Abbott heard the term ill discipline often.

He was drawn, as was his father, to the priesthood.
Instead, he attended university, completing his studies in law and economics.
His politics, while there, revealed his predisposition to employ the DLP method of choice: division, subversion, aggression, confrontation.

He finished his tertiary education at Oxford winning a Rhodes Scholar through the influence of Father Costello, a Jesuit political mentor he idolised while at Riverview.

On his return Abbott thought he’d found his calling, the priesthood.
He began his training at St Patrick’s Seminary at Manly.
He left the seminary after three years.
He had this to say of his experience:
“Three years’ grinding struggle was over,” he later wrote of his experience. “But a dream had died as well – the dream that I could join that splendoured company founded by Christ which has angered, amazed and enthralled the world ever since.”
‘Tough Guy For Canberra’
Simon Kent

Tony Abbott’s underpinning religious ties to the Catholic church are well documented.
His close personal friendship with Cardinal George Pell, Australia’s (if not official, certainly perceived), senior Catholic Archbishop, is strong.
Pell is well connected in Rome, a Vatican favourite. He has the ear of Pope Benedict XVI.

Pell is also a perfect example of DLP values.
Politically involved and totally opposed to any form of reform or forward thinking in religious practice.

Abbott once denied meeting Pell to Tony Jones on Lateline.
A curious, and foolish, stance to take on national television.
Pell is a close confidante of Abbott, his confessor. It is well known that they meet regularly and often.
As Abbott finally, and aggressively, posited, there is nothing wrong with meeting the cardinal.
Why then lie so blatantly about this meeting?
We are left to conjecture.
One thing is certain, shining a light on the power behind the glory is not always appreciated.

Tony Abbott suffers from one of the uglier seven deadly sins – Pride. It’s still his greatest failing. He lacks the thing others who enter the priesthood possess, humility – the ability to subjugate oneself to the greater good.
This is unbecoming in priest, and politician.
He knows this.

Abbott would have made a wonderful evangelist but for one thing – he lacks charisma, the successful orator’s greatest skill. The ability to draw in the wavering, the unsure.
He is belligerent, without the skill to temper his undoubted zeal with patience.
The only son of doting parents, expected to succeed, feted, número uno.
Failed as a priest, (his mother once stated he would be Pope or Prime Minister), Abbott found himself at a crossroads.

A stint in journalism and as a business manager followed, before his reactionary talents found an outlet as a political advisor and Executive Director of Australians For Constitutional Democracy.

The pathway to his mother’s second prediction beckoned, and with it, the chance to succeed.
He turned his gaze to a larger stage.

Preaching from the mega pulpit.
A DLP Crusader.
Defender Of The Faith.

Abbott made his choice.

In his mind he chose the lesser of two evils, the Liberal Party.

Any sniff of DLP leanings would have banished Abbott to the ALP wilderness, forever.

Since joining the Liberal Party, Abbott has continued to employ the same tactics as both backbencher and minister.
Attack, he knows no other way.
He is a self confessed attack dog, proud of the role.
It suits his zealot proclivities well.
His religious fundamentalism underpins everything he does.

He is pure DLP, he does nothing to offend the faith.
He does, however, have one point of difference from Santamaria, one that makes him all the more dangerous – Abbott is pragmatic.
He is driven to succeed.
He will do what it takes.
This does not mean he isn’t conflicted.
Look at his reaction when forced to take a secular path in politics.
The conflict is there for all to see.
It flickers behind his eyes, just below the surface, masked by his unconvincing smile.

There are a litany of offences Abbott has committed against truth, science, and common decency, as he applies DLP tactics to his politics.

Take a look at these examples.
There is no tampering involved, Tony Abbott said these things.
There are many more.

This pattern of behaviour has increased as his hold over the party has tightened.
He took his failure as a priest as a sign to pursue this calling in order to succeed, and succeed he must. His pride demands it, his religious conviction demands it.
Zealous, dogma driven, relentless, uncompromising, willing to do anything to win power, including lie.
This is a DLP trait.

This is a dangerous man.

The constant negativity, lack of substance and empty rhetoric are pure DLP, and pure 1954 tactics.
Treat the electorate like children.
Tell them everything will be better under God and the LNP, (DLP)
Tell them to trust, play on their fears, tell them you’ll make it better.
Lie, manipulate, the end justifies the means, confess later.

This is a very dangerous man!

The MPs who elected him must look on in horror as his agenda dawns on them. For them it’s too late to change. They’re stuck with him.
Of course Abbott has his supporters.
Abbott finds the zealots and weeds out the rest.
His shadow ministry bristles with his acolytes, chosen for their loyalty and discipline to his cause rather than ability. They are cold, dispassionate, driven like their leader.
No-one in that group has the talent, or support, to challenge Abbott.

This is not the LNP of my youth, or even that of Malcolm Fraser.
They have no agenda other than power.
No agenda other than tear down.
Reactionary, no ideas, no thought to the future.
It comes from the top.

Abbott’s fly in the ointment is his inability to control his internal rage, he displays it far too often.
It shows in the very essence of his demeanor, no amount of media training can overcome this flaw.
He has made errors when cornered. Like a child with his hand in the cookie jar he has no answers.
Abbott’s ill tempered responses have hurt his public profile.
His minders learnt from it.
It’s a lesson well learnt, Abbott rarely gives one on one interviews, refuses to answer questions and simply walks away when pressed.
What other politician would dare to treat the electorate in this manner?

His constant stunts aren’t about pure politics, they’re about him.
Abbott needs a conduit to be successful, a way to feed his pride.

Abbott’s silences and shaking aren’t about him not wanting to answer, they’re about him controlling what he really wants to say, or do.
Remember the bizarre Mark Riley confrontation?
Abbott looked like he wanted nothing more than to punch Riley in the face.
It is his way, attack.
It’s why he now walks away when his pearls aren’t accepted without question. It angers him.

As the media fail in their duty to hold Abbott to account for his obvious lies and failure to answer questions, and sections actively promote his version of the truth, (Chris Uhlmann stood for the DLP), so Abbott’s confidence grows.

He is a dangerous man.

Abbott’s outbursts and behaviour are passed off as, wacky, eccentric, rude, offensive, any manner of ‘Tony being Tony’ moments by the media.

They are!

‘Tony being Tony’ means a man whose politics is rooted in division, manipulation of secular government, the ignoring of the principle of separation of Church and State.

Google the Democratic Labor Party.
Google BA Santamaria – Tony Abbott
Google George Pell – Tony Abbott
You won’t need long to join the dots.
It’s there for all to see.

Julia Gillard knows this, she has a plan. Give the public the opportunity to see Tony Abbott close up. Two hundred and twenty five days to see BA’s man in action, expose this straw man for what he is.

A Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing.

A very dangerous man.

  • Footnote

I wrote this blog prior to Tony Abbott’s National Press Club appearance.
It gives me no pleasure, indeed it frightens me, that he reinforced my fears so rapidly.
The words:
“Then I was a man under authority. Now I am the authority!” should bring a chill to the heart of all Australians, no matter their political affiliation or preference.

What behaviour should we expect of Abbott were he to become Prime Minister?